Maximizing Planogram Generator, or “Learning to Fish”

By Kent Smith, Director of Business Development, Category Management When I think of adoption rates for complex software, the popular proverb about fishing comes to mind (“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”). While there is a temptation to hire experts, as you … Read More

Improving Demand Forecast Accuracy Series: Understanding Why You’re Measuring Accuracy

CHALLENGE Since the introduction of the concept of Demand Planning, forecast accuracy has been a key measure in assessing the performance of planning organizations.  Recently, companies have been asking how and where forecast accuracy measures can provide an advantage across the broader organization.  When performing an assessment on a mature planning solution, one of the standard questions should be: What … Read More

The Lowdown on JDA Space Automation Pro

With Space Automation Professional (SA Pro), there’s a fundamental change in how scripts for JDA’s Category Management suite are written, deployed, and executed. The most difficult change to grasp with SA Pro is that it’s no longer a stand-alone application (more about this later) that interacts with Space and Floor Planning, and is instead more of an add-on to Space … Read More

Improving Demand Forecast Accuracy Series: Categorizing and Managing Forecast Accuracy Objectives

By Jeff VanDeursen, Sr. Solution Architect CHALLENGE Many organizations assign a product to a category or group, either at product introduction or solution Go-Live, depending on the age of the solution. As items move through the product lifecycle, they can encounter a change in characterization of sales volume and inventory movements. If an organizations neglects to identify and update the categorization … Read More

Advancing Your Space & Category Management Capabilities

By Kent Smith VP, Business Development Both traditional and emerging forces in retailing compel us to become both more efficient and more precise in how we merchandise.   Advanced capabilities will enable you to deliver on precision merchandising while achieving efficiencies across the supply chain. What capabilities do you need? The answer stems from your company’s overarching strategy and goals. … Read More

When To Upgrade Your Space Planning Software

By Nathan Matthews Sr. Functional Consultant, Space & Category Management Technology is continually evolving and for optimal efficiency, it’s necessary to upgrade your space planning suite on a timely basis.  If you’re  using an outdated system, you’re risking business productivity, security, and overall customer satisfaction.  Knowing when to upgrade is like knowing when you need a new pair of glasses—you … Read More

How to Improve Demand Forecast Accuracy

By Jeff VanDueusen, Senior Solution Architect CHALLENGE At one point or another, nearly all organizations struggle with forecast accuracy and the role it plays in the organization.  There are many different ways to measure and interpret forecast accuracy across an organization, and different segments of the organization can view and perceive a forecast accuracy measure in different ways.  This is … Read More