360 Category Management

Our 360 Category Management service is total life cycle management for space content– floorplans, planograms, and anything in between. We know that major reviews get lots of attention and resources, let us help you execute them right but also keep them up to date with the many changes to assortment throughout the year. Let us synchronize your category strategy for items, lines, and categories across the entire planogram, down the aisle, and in the department. Retail is a contest played day in and day out; and with floorplan and planogram outsourcing with Vaco, you can ensure you’re always one step ahead of the competition.

What We Do: Complete, ongoing top-to-bottom assortment, marco, midi, and micro space assessments with an eye to growing sales, margin, and keeping ahead of the competition.

When To Use Us:  Vaco’s team of professionals can deliver floorplan and planogram services when:

  • Your resource base is not sufficient to complete and maintain all the content necessary to remain accurate and up-to-date
  • You need to fill in temporary vacancies
  • Category volumes might not justify a full-time staff
  • Vendors are unable to assist
  • The pace of change is high and you need an expert to coordinate across all the levels of perspective.

What You’ll Get: Accurate, up-to-date planograms and floorplans.

Why We’re Different: Our team of space and category management professionals has decades of experience delivering successful projects and insights to a diverse client base.  We are able to draw on both the supplier and retail perspectives; and possess a depth of knowledge and experience that enables us to provide both a fresh perspective and tried-and-true best practices.

The Result: Accurate and up-to-date plans that link strategies from the shelf to the department to total stores in order to improve the customer proposition – thereby driving sales, loyalty, and profits.

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If you are interested in engaging Vaco Supply Chain Solutions for floorplan and planogram outsourcing services, contact us or call 804-282-2033.

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We also offer implementation and consulting services for Category Management, Merchandise Planning, and Supply Chain Planning applications.