Vaco Supply Chain Solutions and MEBC Global Join Forces

Vaco Supply Chain Solutions and MEBC Global Join Forces To Better Serve Retail and Manufacturing Industries Combined Entities to Operate Under the Brand Name Plantensive, A Vaco Company December 10, 2018 – Nashville, TN – Vaco, a global talent & solutions firm, announces the acquisition of MEBC Global by its Supply Chain Solutions practice through an agreement set to close on … Read More

Consumer-Centric Merchandise Planning

By Violet Jaramillo, Sr. Solution Architect What is Consumer-Centric Merchandise Planning? Merchandise Planning is a systematic method of forecasting inventory based on historical data.  It’s a blend of data-driven forecasting along with the art of predicting trends, so that the right product is at the right location at the right time.  Today’s reality is one where retailers must consider including … Read More

Real Results with JDA’s MyPG

By Eric Bachrach, Practice Director, Category Management JDA Planogram Generator Enterprise Edition is used by many leading retailers and CPG companies to produce a large volume of store-specific planograms using consumer-centric data, with both minimal effort and extraordinary speed.  As powerful a tool as JDA Planogram Generator Enterprise is, it requires a significant investment, as it necessitates the purchase and … Read More

Retailers: Know Your Competition

By Rob Heidt, Practice Director Know your competition.  It’s an imperative that rings true today more so than ever before.  The speed of communication has created the opportunity for a business to turn on a dime.   A retailer’s competition used to be the brick-and-mortar down the street or across the plaza in the local mall.  Today it’s the internet giants … Read More

Vaco Supply Chain Solutions Named Selling Partner of the Year by JDA Software

By Will Mrotek, Managing Partner  We’re excited to announce that we’ve been named the North America Selling Partner of the Year by JDA Software. We’re thrilled to be honored with this award, which shows our continued commitment to bringing JDA’s industry-leading software solutions to retailers and consumer packaged goods companies seeking to optimize their end-to-end supply chain. This award comes … Read More

JDA’s Planogram Generator: Frequently Asked Questions, Part II

In our ongoing series, Vaco’s Eric Bachrach, Practice Director for Category Management, tackles some of the most frequently asked questions about JDA’s Planogram Generator tool.  Want to catch up?  The first part of the series can be found here.    1. Does Planogram Generator support cluster and store-specific planograms? Yes. Regardless of how granular you want to go with your … Read More

What’s New in JDA Enterprise Planning v. 8.1

Change is good. In technology, it often means things are improving for the better (of course, there are some notable exceptions (looking at you, Windows Vista). Even those of us with a finger on the metaphorical pulse of technological innovation can have a touch time keeping up with the rapid pace of change.  Getting left behind is all too easy. … Read More