Merchandise Planning Advisory Services

Successful retailing hinges on gathering actionable intelligence to accurately forecast sales and inventory demand.  A clearly-defined strategic direction across your planning organization is integral to your ongoing success.

Our Merchandise Planning consulting and advisory services are here to help align your processes to the applications you use – and bring your team up the planning maturity curve through knowledge transfer from some of the leading consultants in the field. Whether you’re not getting the maximum value from your current software investment, or are looking for short-term, quick-win initiatives that present an immediate return on investment, by working with Vaco’s Advisory team, you’ll leverage the knowledge of our seasoned consulting force, who represent decades of expertise across the entire demand and supply chain, including merchandise planning, assortment and space planning, and supply chain optimization.

Our holistic approach addresses the full picture to maximize your company’s success in change management activities, strategic planning, and tactical execution. We take into account your people, processes, and technology to make the right recommendations and plan. We offer an alternative to traditional consulting firms by providing best-practice business guidance and current technical knowledge from consultants who have deep experience in the retail planning domain, allowing us to partner with our clients to address the challenges of functioning in an omnichannel world.

Advisory Service Offerings

  • Project Management

    We can provide project definition, budgeting, planning, resource allocation, and project tracking.

  • Skills Assessment

    We can provide a thorough assessment of your team’s capabilities and create a plan to ensure adoption so they can perform at the highest possible level.

  • Customized Training

    We can provide training to ensure self-sufficiency and build internal expertise in order to lessen the necessity of future consulting engagements.

  • Change Management

    We can provide lead change management programs separately, or as part of your implementation, to ensure that new technologies and processes aren’t just learned, but understood and adopted.

  • Requirements Definition

    We can provide either the expertise to lead your requirements gathering process from an objective perspective, or lend a second eye to your existing requirements to augment industry best practices and help you to “know what you don’t know.”

  • Business Case Creation

    We can provide an assessment of your current process and business to understand how much your organization stands to benefit by making a new investment in your process or technology; helping you to make informed decisions about the ‘where’ and ‘why’ to invest.

  • Business Process Design

    We can provide creativity, functional knowledge, and industry-specific insight to deliver a tailored business process that allows you to realize the greatest ROI from your software investment.

  • Merchandise Planning Diagnostic

    We can provide expert knowledge in both the business and technology components of merchandise planning, allocation, and assortment planning. We are able to assess your planning processes and optimize the use of your JDA applications to deliver maximum business value.

  • Vendor Selection

    We can provide expert help to determine which offering best suits your company’s specific goals, challenges, budget, and timeline based on our experience with multiple technologies and your industry’s best practices.

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We also offer implementation consulting services, strategic staff augmentation, and software sales for Merchandise Planning as well as Supply Chain Planning and Category Management.