Company History

The inception of Vaco Supply Chain Solutions dates back to 2006, when one of our existing Vaco Technology clients in Richmond, Virginia asked us to help them find experienced, specialized consultants to assist in their very large and complex merchandising systems implementation effort. Although at the time it was an area in which we had limited experience, we were able to locate and provide these resources, in fact some of the very best anywhere in the country. Through this process, we soon learned that retailers and manufacturers had limited options when they needed help implementing their supply chain and merchandising systems. We also found that clients were not always given a clear picture of the challenges they faced and were sometimes even caught between the warring initiatives of the consulting firms and software vendors. We realized it was the perfect opportunity for us to build a team of like-minded consultants who were not only highly-skilled and motivated, but also shared a common ideal – to always do the right thing for their clients by putting the clients’ interests before their own. By empowering these consultants to truly lend their expertise, we were able to quickly establish ourselves as the primary source of retail process and systems experts to our clients, and our practice was born.

In the ensuing years, through our ongoing efforts and strict adherence to our ethos of “always do what’s right for our client”, our team and client list continued to grow, as did our reputation. By 2010, having recognized the unique and somewhat different nature of our practice, Vaco decided to highlight these offerings by spinning our practice off as a separate, incorporated organization within the larger Vaco family of companies, and Vaco Supply Chain Solutions, LLC was officially born. While our name changed, one thing that didn’t (and never will) is our commitment to always do the right thing for our clients; it remains the cornerstone of what we’re built upon: Expertise. Ethics. Partnership.